Event Calendar Plugin For MuraCMS

MuraCMS is the one matured & best content management system available for ColdFusion. MuraCMS provide options to CFML developers to build theme or plugin to extend the capabilities to fulfil your website needs. A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a MuraCMS website. That can extend the existing functionality or add new features to your MuraCMS websites. As a site admin, you can able to install/uninstall plugins from the admin area. You can make your own plugins and use them privately in your code or you can release them into publicly.

We have created and released a Event calendar plugin for MuraCMS, Please check out the explanation and demo video about this plugin in this blog post.

  • Rapidly create events
  • Saved venues & organizers
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
  • Configurable settings
  • Simple sleek & nice UI
  • Calendar view with tooltips (Month, Week & Daily views)
  • List view
  • Google maps integration
  • ICS file download option to integrate with outlook & other mail clients
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories with color code & Tags)
  • Event search
  • Completely ajaxified for super smooth browsing

To install this plugin, first please go to Mura CMS Admin Panel. After login to that go to Settings -> Plugin section. Click the Plugins option in the menu. The plugins list page will display under the Plugins tab in the Global Settings page.

To upload new plugin click the file upload button and select the MuraCMS Event Manager Plugin zip file. then click the button to deploy it.

To upload new plugin click the file upload button and select the MuraCMS Event Manager Plugin zip file. then click the button to deploy it.

Now the Terms & Conditions page will display under the Plugin Settings page. We should accept the terms & conditions for the plugin. Then select the site name under the Site Assignment and update it.

Once we've done that then just reload the application in Settings -> Reload Application. Now the eManager plugin installed successfully.

To create the event and we can see the uploaded the event manager plugin under the Modules -> Plugins -> eManager. Now the plugins home page and all the options will display.

The Event Manager Plugin have the following menu items,

  • Home
  • Organizers
  • Locations
  • Tags
  • Settings
  • Categories
  • Events

The Organizers option have a form to store the organizer's contact details.

That form contains the fields to get the organizer Name, Phone, Email, and WebSite.

Click the 'Save Changes' button to Save the organizers details. After adding the organizer the details will be displayed in the organizer list.



The locations tab having a form to create event locations.

The form having fields like the Location Name, Address, City, State, Country, and Postal code.

After filling the form fields, click the 'Save changes' button.

We've added the google map on beside the form. Based on the given Address the google map will be shown the location for the corresponding address.

We can create multiple categories and each event will have a single category. The category will have a background color. So based on the background color the event will be colored.

In the Category list, we've created two categories. One is Coldfusion and another one is 'Bootstrap'.


The Coldfusion category have background color is 'Red' ( #d91f1f ) and the category 'Bootstrap' which have the background color is 'Bule'( #4c6de3 ). So, In the calendar, the events displaying with the background color based on the corresponding category.


To create events, we can use the form under this Events tab. click the Add Events button to get the event form fields. There are three tabs Details, location, Organizer available under the Events page.

To enter the event details under the Details tab.Fill all the needed fields and click the "Save Changes" button to create the events.

Should fill the Event Name, Description, Excerpt, Tags, Category, Start Date, End Date, WebSite, All day event, and Recurring event checkboxes.

We should select the Location details and Organizer details while creating an event. We can have the option to use the existing location, organizer. Otherwise, we can able to create a new location, new categories under the corresponding tabs.

Both details are required to create events. After creating the events that will list out under the events list page. We've can edit or remove the event from the list page by clicking the corresponding icons under the actions column.

Once created the event successfully. Go to Site Manager and have created a page "cal plugin" for the calendar plugin. click the page name to go to the Edit page.

In the Layouts & Objects section, we have the option to add the plugin. Select the Plugins from the Select Object Type drop down under the Content Objects.

Select the eManager option from the Select Plugins dropdown and select the Main Page then proceed that as Main Content.

Once we've published the page, the page will display the list in Site Manager. We can see the page by clicking the 'view' icon.

We can view the page with the calendar and events which is created in the admin section. The calendar will display with the created events. The calendar page has a very sleek interface.

In the calendar, We select the particular date by the date picker plugin and We have the option to view the calendar as month view, Week view and Day view.

Click on the event in the calendar, a nice pop-up will show and have the event details like the event name, event date, location and organizer details.

In the event tooltip, We have the option to view the event page and option to download the event. click the 'More Detail' link to view the particular event details and click the calendar Icon in the tooltip to download the event as a .ics file. We can save the file and add it into the OutLook to open the event details.

Click the details page and have the Event details and the google map. The event location will display in the google map where is the event happening. The map will display the location based on the given address. So, all the events details available on the page.


The above things are the demo details of the Event Manager Plugin which we've created. Please let us know your feedback on the same.

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