ColdFusion app migration

MitrahSoft ColdFusion developers have great experience in both Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee engines. As well as, we knew about the compatibility issues between these two CFML engines. We can fix ColdFusion compatibility issues in Lucee using various Lucee plugins like cfssh, cfpdfform, cfajax ..etc. We have successfully migrated multiple Adobe ColdFusion web applications to Lucee with out any impact.

Our ColdFusion team worked on multiple ColdFusion releases from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 2016. Because of this experience, we knew what are CFML tags & functions are deprecated & removed on a particular ColdFusion version release. Using this extensive CF version based knowledge we can migrate your lower version ColdFusion applications to higher versions in a minimum time frame.

We love CFML (both Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee engines) language, but sometimes clients wants to migrate their legacy ColdFusion applications to .NET for some policy reasons. As MitrahSoft team have both certified Adobe ColdFusion developers & Microsoft certified .NET developers, we can easily migrate your ColdFusion application to .NET

If you have small ad-hoc task or bigger team project or your dream product idea in CFML ( Adobe ColdFusion / Lucee / Railo ), please don't hesitate to keep in touch with us.

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