ColdFusion payment gateway integrations

We have integrated n number of payment gateway services in different ColdFusion applications based upon the client's requirement. Notable & frequently integrated services are, Paypal (NVP, Payments Pro / Payflow, Adaptive Payments, IPN), Authorize.Net (Simple, ARB, CIM), Stripe, Braintree, Paymill, jetpay & moneris. We handled recurring payments, notification / IPN & saving credit card details for later usage in payment gateway infrastructure. In MitrahSoft, we love to use available open source options ( why we need to reinvent the wheel? ) & try to contribute back to CFML community too. In terms of Payment gateway integrations, we have great experience in, using & customizing cfpayment ( most popular & well tested Open source ColdFusion Payment integration library).

This is a simple ColdFusion demo developed by MitrahSoft, which is explaining about saving credit card details for later usage using stripe infrastructure. We are not saving any customer CC details in our Database & this is PCI 3 compliance implementation of processing credit card details using Strip API.

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