ColdFusion REST API

As the Internet industry progresses (IoT, Mobile apps, Powerful client side libraries like AngularJS, Ember..etc), creating REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API becomes more concrete with emerging best practices. It's important to build your RESTful API in accordance with industry best practices (Stateless, Cacheable, Performance, Scalability..etc) to ease development and increase client adoption.

  • Using Adobe ColdFusion / Lucee built in REST feature
  • Using some CF framework
    • Taffy (MitrahSoft prefer & recommend this)
    • FW1 renderData() - Very basic in old versions / Good after 4.0.0
    • ColdBox Basic & Relax For Lazy Experts
  • DIY (Please don't reinvent the wheels)
Taffy ColdFusion REST API Dashboard
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