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ColdFusion App Migration

ColdFusion to Lucee migration

MitrahSoft ColdFusion developers have great experience in both Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee engines. As well as, we knew about the compatibility issues between these two CFML engines. We can fix ColdFusion compatibility issues in Lucee using various Lucee plugins like cfssh, cfpdfform, cfajax ..etc. We have successfully migrated multiple Adobe ColdFusion web applications to Lucee with out any impact. You can get a list of differences from the Lucee docs. This is really just a bunch of tips and solutions for common issues. Here we just going to discuss some few tag compatibility issues and solutions.


Adobe developed a lot of custom functionality into ColdFusion for PDF manipulation. Few of those are not available in Lucee by default, but MitrahSoft wrote a nice alternative CFPDFFORM tag for Lucee. You may run into some font issues if your source PDF has Adobe-licensed fonts in it such as Helvetica. If you do, you will need to open up the source document in Acrobat DC and change those fonts to an OpenType font. Otherwise, you will get errors.


The cfwebsocket tag is not supported in lucee. For using the websocket, we need to install the extension on the lucee admin extension section. Here is the reference link to install the websocket extension. We already explained briefly in a blog post about installing and using the lucee websocket.

Invalid cfsqltype in cfqueryparam

We found several instances where developers accidentally misspelled the cfsqltype, or specified one that doesn’t exist. ACF and Lucee handle these errors differently. For example, if you have a misspelled CF_SQL_INTGER as CF_SQL_INTGR as below,

cfqueryparam name="thisval" value="" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_INTGR"

Lucee throws an error because it is an invalid cfsqltype. ACF allows it to pass, but automatically converts it as CF_SQL_VARCHAR type.

Adobe ColdFusion version upgrade

Our ColdFusion team worked on multiple ColdFusion releases from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 2018. Because of this experience, we knew what are CFML tags & functions are deprecated or removed on a particular ColdFusion version release. Using this extensive CF version based knowledge, we can migrate your lower version ColdFusion applications to higher version in a minimum time frame.

ColdFusion version upgrade services

ColdFusion to .NET migration

We love CFML (both Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee engines) language, but sometimes clients wants to migrate their legacy ColdFusion applications to .NET for some policy reasons. As MitrahSoft team have both certified Adobe ColdFusion developers & Microsoft certified .NET developers, we can easily migrate your ColdFusion application to .NET. Our ColdFusion consultants/developers have strong experience in ColdFusion migration projects. We've also worked on the many cross technology migration projects like .NET to ColdFusion, Java to ColdFusion etc.

ColdFusion to .NET_migration

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