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ColdFusion Development

MitrahSoft Team of ColdFusion developers are experts in developing web applications in CFML that meet your business needs and help you make processes more efficient. Most of our team members are either Brainbench or Adobe certified ColdFusion developers. For over 15 years, We've been serving clients all over the world for their CFML projects -- and for their business. Our team is dedicated to giving special attention to detail and design to create unique UI/UX experience to your content management systems, custom database development & e-commerce solutions.

We develop new applications, maintain, optimize existing applications in all major CFML application servers ColdFusion, Lucee, Railo and Open BlueDragon. We have expertise experience in building applications with all latest application frameworks like ColdBox, CFWheels, Framework one(FW/1), Mach-II, Fusebox, ColdSpring, etc.

Our team of developers with vast experience, have developed web applications integrated with major database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, etc.

Other ColdFusion services

Also We are good at following technologies,

  • CFML:
    • Adobe ColdFusion 8, 9, 10, 11
    • Lucee
    • Brand new ColdFusion 2016
    • Railo
    • OpenBD
  • CF Frameworks:
    • ColdBox family
    • CFWheels
    • Mach-II
    • Fusebox
    • ColdSpring
    • Framework one family
      • FW/1
      • Inject One(DI/1)
      • AOP/1
  • CF Open Source:
    • MuraCMS
    • ContentBox
    • PresideCMS
    • MangoBlog
    • BlogCFC
    • Galleon forum
  • Client Side Script:
    • JavaScript
    • AJAX
    • jQuery
      • jQuery Core
      • jQuery UI
      • jQuery Mobile
    • AngularJS
    • BackboneJS
    • ExtJS
  • Databases:
    • MS SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MariaDB
    • Oracle
    • MS Access
    • MongoDB
  • Version control:
    • GIT
    • SVN
    • VSS

Domain expertise using ColdFusion

  • Education / LMS / E-Learning / Training
  • Finance
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
Summit Design Studio

If you are looking for a talented team of ColdFusion programmers, then you should seriously consider MitrahSoft team. We worked with MitrahSoft for over a year in developing nearly a dozen ColdFusion applications for streamlining our company's workflow. They were able to meet my deadlines and were able to create some very complex applications, many of which involved drag and drop style user interfaces.

Mike Matukaitis,
    Chief Executive Officer / Co-Owner
   Summit Design Studio
    Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

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