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ColdFusion Shipping API Integrations

In ColdFusion ecommerce applications & some of other bespoke ColdFusion applications, tracking shipment of products is so important. In different countries different shipping providers are avaialble & most of them provide API access to track the shipments. MitrahSoft implemented UPS, United Status postal services (USPS), FedEx, Canada_post & NewZealand post shipping APIs for our customer projects.

ColdFusion UPS, USPS & FedEx shipping API wrapper

In North america, UPS, USPS & FedEx are main shipping providers. All of those providers are giving APIs & web hooks. MitrahSoft implemented these shipping API integrations in various ColdFusion applications to send SMS notification in web apps & sending push notifications in mobile apps. WebHooks are very handy to handle the shipment tracking, instead of we call their REST APIs in regular interval to see is there any update available, webhooks will be called automatically whenever some change event happened. In large eCommerce applications, we might need to track thousands of shopments on regular interval, in this case webhooks will reduce our ColdFusion server load.

CanadaPost shipping API wrapper

There are n number of ColdFusion open source API wrapper CFCs available for UPS, USPS & FedEx. But there is no solid Canada post ColdFusion API wrapper CFC available, So we made one & open sourced it to ColdFusion community, you can download that from MitrahSoft Github repository. Code snippet for quick reference,

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