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MuraCMS Expertise

Content Management System

Content Management System or Web content management is the way of populating the information to the website in the centralized admin section which is capable of maintaining and modifying the content without having any programming knowledge. There are millions of CMS solutions available in the current internet market. Some of the very popular CMS solutions are Microsoft SharePoint (WCM + numerous enterprise level features), Drupal, PresideCMS, MuraCMS, Joomla, WordPress and Sitecore. In MitrahSoft, we love open source & ColdFusion, so we prefer MuraCMS.


MURA is a powerful and flexible content management system developed by Blue River Group. It is open source and built using ColdFusion. Not only restricted to CMS capabilities, MURA can be easily scaled, extended (with new features and plugins) as well as managed easily with its own Administration portal. Working well on both ACF and Railo, MURA is the best choice for any websites (, web applications) at any budget. We are proud to say that we are a MURA shop too. Having developed websites in full scale MURA driven base, we have acquired good experience, and in the process also contributed to the feature set of MURA. Learn more about Mura at and also its features.

What Can MitrahSoft do on MuraCMS?

It's Simple. Whatever you want! Yes, that is true. We are not exaggerating or promising you the moon. We are just saying we are good at Mura. The goodness comes with confidence, and the confidence come from several years of expertise. We are Mitrah (Friend) of MuraCMS. Our 'Mura' team is well versed with all the nuts and bolts of Mura. We have worked on over 50 domains that are now running on Mura successfully. We customized the core Mura source for functional logic as well developed visual themes too.

MuraCMS Customization

We not only work on the standard Mura platform, but can also modify the core platform code (because the Mura license lets you do so) if need be. With our high competence in MuraCMS code base, we could tweak & extend core files too in accordance to your custom requirement without affecting the bigger ecosystem. We keep track of every change we do on the code. We follow standards and provide full documentation. So obviously for even the future Mura releases, the integration process will be simple and easy, because we know what was changed and how it should be now. In one word, let us do the heavy lifting and you be at joy of having the best featured platform for your website that is always fast and always reliable.

MuraCMS Plugin Creation & Personalization

Let's think this way. You are running on MURA and want a new custom plugin to be developed. Like Say, you want to integrate a payment system OR say an event management tool (we did this 3 clients so far). You will get it done. MitrahSoft team created around 20 different plugins as per different customers requirements. We do personalization of existing open source MuraCMS plugins such as SlatWall, Cartweaver, MeldForum, etc based upon your needs.

MuraCMS integration

Oh! You already are working on a tool and need MURA to integrate with it. No problem. We promise, MitrahSoft can integrate MuraCMS into your existing applications. We can work on an intranet application to an enterprise level application with ease. Of the way Mura is built it is relatively easy to do data sharing, integrate SSO, and session sharing between your existing application and MuraCMS.

MuraCMS theme implementation

We will seamlessly apply your creative design to MuraCMS as a theme. As a contribution to CFML & Open source community, we have created couple of open source themes for MuraCMS.

Is it all business or do you contribute to MURA too?

Good Question. Clearly, we don't talk business everywhere. We contribute big and equally showcase it. After all, we need a meal at the end of the day and we also know how important it is to share it with others in hunger :) . We actively participate in MuraCMS pre-release testing. We try pull requests for issues. This helps us get a clear understanding of the forth coming changes and accordingly prepare ourselves to become more competent every time. We ourselves use MURA for MitrahSoft website. It's a good example to say "we eat our own dog food". We play with MURA, experiment on its features, tweak it and make it customized for our needs. So, we definitely know what we are doing. :) Please look at these, MuraCMS Themes, recently released by us to provide a set of UI themes on top of MURA. It's Open Source and you are free to play with any way you want. We update it and add more as we progress. You can also read MitrahSoft blog for all the lab work we do.