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Mitrah Taxi App

Mitrah taxi app is the application for the cab drivers and customers(Rider). It helps rider to find, book and track rides with ease. Rider can book the ride at a location that you provide at the time of request and also rider can easily know how much a trip might cost even before/without booking a ride. Driver can choose their ride request from the rider and the fare will be fair.

What it contains in Mitrah taxi back-end?

  • Rider App
  • Driver App
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • Backend API

Rider Application

These context briefs about the Rider application, Rider can download the application and create the login credentials and simply login with that email. Rider can book their ride from wherever. Also knows their fare of travel before booking the ride.

Once they booked the ride, available drivers can be accept their ride. After the ride acceptance rider can be notified with alerts like 'driver is on the way'. And also the rider can able to contact and track their driver where he is. Rider can also cancel their ride before the trip has been started. Rider will receive the OTP from the driver to start the trip. At the time the trip rider can enroute their path through their destination. Rider can submit their ride experience at the end of every trip.

Technologies used:

  • React-Native
  • NativeBase
  • Redux
  • Redux-thunk

Rider Features:

  • Estimated price of trip
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Ride cancellation policy
  • Exact locations of nearby rides
  • Proper response of the ride (if driver cancels or no driver available)
  • Driver name, phone number and Vehicle details
  • Track/Contact their trip driver in the map
  • Track their trip in the map
  • Feed back of the trip and driver with ratings
  • History of their trip details
  • No driver availability alert

Driver Application

Driver can't able to sign up their account, they have to submit their details to the admin and the admin will provide you the login credentials. Using that only driver can login and ride their trips. Driver application which provides the ride for the drivers with fair price and repeated ride for the trips in a day. Driver can have an option to accept as well as reject their trip request. Driver will receive the trip request where he is in the 5KM surrounding from the riders.

Driver can view the rider pickup location from his location. Driver have to notify the user that he is on the way to his location by the option provided `Wait for Rider`. Once the driver reached the pickup location driver have to send the trip otp to the rider and get the OTP from the rider to start the trip. Driver can also able to cancel the trip if he has any problems to start immediately. When the trip has been started successfully the driver can navigate from the source to the destination of the trip. After the trip completion drivers can submit their ride experience at the end of every trip.

Technologies used:

  • React-Native
  • NativeBase
  • Redux
  • Redux-thunk

Driver Features:

  • History of trips
  • Exact location of pickup and drop
  • Estimated time of travel
  • Trip cancellation policy
  • Proper response of the trips (if rider cancels)
  • Track their trip in the map
  • Feed back of the trip with ratings
  • History of their trip details
  • Earnings of the day, month and year

Admin Application

Admin site is the web application which handles the rider and driver accounts. Admin can only signup the driver account after the verification of the document details. Admin can also register the rider details as well as block the accounts of riders and drivers. Admin can add the user the admin access.

Technologies used:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-Saga

Admin Features:

  • Driver Registration
  • Rider Registration
  • Admin Access Registration
  • Driver Document Details
  • Block Users

Backend API

Rider, Driver and Admin applications are maintained in the single API base which handles all API calls for the applications. Most of the requests were handled through web socket connection for the efficient response.

Technologies used:

  • NodeJS
  • Loopback
  • MS-SQL
Mitrah Taxi App Demo

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Mitrah Taxi app rider view Mitrah Taxi app Driver view

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