PresideCMS - New ColdFusion open source CMS in town

MitrahSoft have expertise in MuraCMS & we are exploring other ColdFusion Open source content management systems available in the market. ContentBox & PresideCMS are notable CMS alternate in ColdFusion CMS world. As MitrahSoft team have prior ColdBox experience, we love both PresideCMS & ContentBox. As a personal preference, we choose Preside & going to spend more time to learn this in detail. In upcoming months, you can see, MitrahSoft contribution to PresideCMS.

PresideCMS is a open source product from Pixl8 which is a UK based web development company. At this point, PresideCMS compatible only with Lucee ( Adobe ColdFusion guys have to wait or contribute to make it compatible with ACF.Some useful links,

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Read further details about PresideCMS from Adam cameron blog,

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