Event Calendar Plugin For MuraCMS

Oct 28, 2013 / CF Mitrah / MuraCMS 

We have recently created Event calendar plugin for MuraCMS, Please check out our demo video on the same.Admin Features:

  • Rapidly create ev...

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HTML5 CSS3 MuraCMS Theme by MitrahSoft

Jun 13, 2013 / CF Mitrah / MuraCMS  OSS  MuraCMS-Theme 

MuraCMS is a powerful and flexible content management system developed by Blue River Interactive Group. It is open source and built using ColdFusion/Railo.We seam...

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MuraCMS Razuna plugin

May 08, 2013 / CF Mitrah / MuraCMS  OSS  Razuna 

Razuna plugin is an integration plugin created for MuraCMS (ColdFusion open source CMS) & Razuna (ColdFusion OSS document manag...

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Enabling third level menu in MuraCMS 6 bootstrap theme

Mar 08, 2013 / CF Mitrah / MuraCMS 

Default installation of MuraCMS 6 is comes along with bootstrap theme & it is awesome. Primary navigation in MuraCMS will show only 2 levels menu items. if you want to show third level menu items in your website, you need to change few configuration...

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